Hire Us!

Do you think you have the perfect venue for a market? Do you want to create a market for your audience?

The tremendous Pop-Up Duo, Cynthia and Tracey, are available to help you create your own pop-up event at your own location. With over 40 years of combined show experience (vending and organizing) at the local and national level, we are committed to creating pop-up, multi-vendor retail experiences that will bring attention and visitors to your location, and sales to your vendors.

  • Event layout and space planning
  • Vendor selection process
  • Sponsorship and market partners
  • Budget and financial planning for pop-up events
  • Venue assessment
  • Market audience assessment
  • Scheduling assessment
  • Application, website and social media planning

If you are interested in discussing our services, reach out to us at info @ pop up raleigh. com. We’ll want to know a bit about you, and a bit about the market you envision. We can’t wait to get started.