Download and post our new poster – right here!

Our market NEEDS the help of fab folks like you to help us get the word out. We’ve got a swank, letter-sized version of our market poster that YOU can print and hang anywhere. Just copy that pic up above and print it! Do us a big favor and snap a pic and we’ll share your hanging on Instagram with lots of extra love.

Can’t think of where to hang it? What about-

  • the gym
  • your favorite coffee spot
  • your dog groomers
  • the dentist
  • your local library
  • the telephone pole you run by each morning
  • the teacher’s lounge at school
  • your fridge! never miss another Pop-Up!*
  • the community board at the Y
  • your dorm hallway
  • your favorite shop window

You get the idea! Do us a huge favor and print and post. If you know somewhere that could use a BIG (11×17) poster, drop us a line and we’ll make sure we get one to them. If you have a place you could put out a nice stack of our postcards, we can also make sure you get those. Just email us using the Contact Us tab here on our site.

*that one would really crack us up, PLEASE make sure you share a snap of that!

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