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Pop-Up Raleigh grew out of a love of the nicked and the scratched, mixed with art from people we love. Travel to places and spaces around the South inspired us to create a vintage market right here at home in Raleigh, NC. Now in our fourth year, this market has become a home for everyone who loves giving old objects new life. We’re growing this year with a new location and name, but our goal remains the same-to bring vintage collections together and sprinkle in some awesome local art for you to shop and enjoy.

Pop-Up Raleigh is produced by Tracey Johnson and Cynthia Deis.


About Tracey

Tracey is a Raleigh native and the brain behind Patina South, a collection of art and vintage. Her evolving inventory combines her love of painting and building with plundering through flea markets, estate sales and industrial history. When she is not traveling around with her vintage camper full of goodies, Tracey likes to relax at her mini farm-an hour west of Raleigh.

About Cynthia

Cynthia Deis was born in Ohio, but got to North Carolina as soon as she could. The former owner of Ornamentea, she lives in a tiny Raleigh house filled with collected and inherited vintage treasures. She prefers the used to the new, and likes objects with a story, even if she has to make it up. When it’s not Pop-Up weekend she can be found on Instagram @cynthiadeiswrites.



  1. Hi Tracey and Cynthia,
    We just wanted to introduce ourselves. This Wednesday, June 15th, we are launching The Makers Mercantile (TMM), an online shop and blog featuring curated and hand selected pieces from local and independent artists in Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh. Our vision is to support and empower the artists who make our community such a creative and beautiful place to live!

    We would love to chat more about partnership opportunities to further strengthen our collective mission in highlighting local art and the stories behind each Maker.

    Maggie + Maria

  2. Tracey or Cynthia,

    I am trying to get more vendors at our annual event in Sanford on May 20 & 21, 2017. The theme of vintage goods compliments our event perfectly. You can read about what we do on our website but we are trying to demonstrate how things were done, back in the days when they were done on a smaller scale. If you would be willing to get the word out to your vendors I would be happy to highlight either the vintage market and/or individual vendors in the publicity for our event. You can contact me by e-mail if you are interested. I will also try to make it to your Market in November. Thanks, Suzanne Rittenhouse

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